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Welcome to The Tŷ Resorts

The Tŷ Resorts, (pronounced as “/tEE” Resorts), is a family-owned venture, born from a deep-rooted love for hospitality, travel and their connection to living in Wales, UK in the past.  The word "Tŷ" in their resort names means “House” in the Welsh language, representing the family's commitment to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests, where they can truly feel like they've found a home away from home.

Discover the diverse offerings of The Tŷ Resorts, encompassing three distinct homes. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of The Hening Tŷ, nestled among lush greenery by the river in Hulu Langat, Selangor, providing a serene escape to nature's embrace. Alternatively, experience the refreshing coolness of The Rhosyn Tŷ, located in the picturesque highlands of Cameron Highlands, Pahang, where misty mountains, fresh vegetable farms and rolling tea plantations create an enchanting backdrop

For those seeking an urban retreat, The Urban Tŷ awaits in the vibrant city center near KLCC, offering a modern haven surrounded by the energy and excitement of Kuala Lumpur's bustling streets. With each unique property, The Tŷ Resorts invites you to embark on a tailored and unforgettable journey, designed to fulfill your desires and create cherished memories.  
Whichever your choice, we invite you in and greet you, Welcome Home!

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